Nowadays you can no longer think of apps from everyday life. Everyone uses an app sometimes. An app is also easier to use than navigating through a website in a browser on the mobile phone. Offer your customers a better user experience of your online service. We build your app and connect it to your website. Suitable for iOS, Android and Windows phone.

Our approach


In terms of functionality, an app is often a copy of the associated website. If we didn’t built your website, we want to know how your website exactly works. As soon as the functionalities are known, we will map the various screens and the focus will be mainly on design.


As soon as the screens are known we can start building your app. If your app needs a connection with your website, we will need to build an API for your website. This allows the app to retrieve and send data to your website. You can monitor our progress by means of interim deliveries.


After the apps are built they need to be tested. We take care of the technical tests on various popular devices (tablet & mobile phone). If your app has a link with your website this will also need to be tested. After all, we want to know that the data that is sent back and forth is received correctly.


When the apps have been approved by you, we will place these in the appropriate app stores. It is also recommended to mention the app on your website and to add a link to the app store.